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Our experience runs deep and our successes are numerous. With over a decade of REAL COURTROOM EXPERIENCE, you can trust that we can and will fight for you. We offer full representation or “unbundled services,” which is limited representation for Pro Se individuals. In other words, we can give you legal advice and assist you in drafting the necessary court documents, as well as provide guidance on navigating the legal system, at a lower, fixed retainer. We know what you can expect in the courtroom, and we also value finding resolution through negotiation when possible.

Divorce can be one of the most difficult life experiences. We understand that. There are numerous considerations; financial ones (spousal support, splitting marital assets/debts and potentially child support) and emotional ones that together can be exhausting. Be sure you hire an ally that cares about your individual needs. 

Child Custody is often part of Divorce, for both traditional and non-traditional families. Sometimes it is not, such as when parents are unmarried; this can still require the same focus on Child Custody and Visitation. We know that children are never a commodity, and shouldn’t be treated like one. We understand that families come in many forms, and we welcome your family to ours. 

Employment changes affect people daily. Whether you are questioning a disciplinary action, a termination, or need to review an employment contract or severance agreement, we can help.

Wills. Many people don’t have one. And if you have a Will, it isn’t all you need to plan for the future. Our Wills packet comes with full coverage for your health decisions, as well as your assets.       

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We cover your life when you need us; Divorce, Mediation, Custody, Employment, and Wills can affect every one of us.

We understand that families come in many forms, and we welcome your family to ours

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