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We offer full representation or “unbundled services,” which is limited representation for Pro Se individuals. In other words, we can give you legal advice and assist you in drafting the necessary court documents, as well as provide guidance on navigating the legal system, at a lower, fixed retainer.


We have over a decade and a half of real courtroom experience. It’s one thing to make claims. But it’s another thing entirely to have the experience to back them up.


At Westmoreland Legal, P.A. you can be assured we don’t make promises unless we’re fully confident in our ability to keep them. It’s not about saying what you want to hear. It’s about reliably delivering every time.


Each client is an individual with a unique set of challenges and expectations. Addressing those takes real, meaningful attention. To us, you’re never just another number.


We understand that hiring an attorney often comes under trying circumstances. With Westmoreland Legal, P.A. advocating on your behalf, expect a true understanding of any difficulty you might be facing.

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We are a small family firm focused on individual attention and support. We understand how important your need is and we care about a successful resolution of your matter. We pride ourselves on being responsive and offering a personalized service that many larger firms are unable to provide. Our goal has always been to deliver the most effective results for each and every one of our esteemed clients. That core principle is backed by a true commitment to treating clients with the attention and respect they so rightfully deserve.

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Looking back over the years of success we’ve enjoyed at Westmoreland Legal, P.A. 
the most pride comes not from our track record of success, but the real difference we’ve made in the lives of our clients.

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