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  • Do I have to go to Court to resolve my case?
  • Am I required to go mediation?
  • Does it matter which mediator I use?
  • What if the other side won’t agree to mediate?
  • What if the other side refuses to use the collaborative technique?

We have participated in numerous mediated settlement conferences and arbitrations. Too often, attorneys would rather battle in Court than truly explore settlement. That’s because attorneys can charge more fees for going to Court. Alternate Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is strongly supported by Mecklenburg County Courts. You can count on us to examine every aspect of a potential amicable resolution, while keeping you up to date as your case progresses. However, if we have to go to Court, we will be ready.

When you can reasonably settle your differences, Westmoreland Legal, P.A. is experienced in Mediated Settlement Conferences, as well as Collaborative Sessions. While zealous advocacy remains our focus, many cases can be resolved amicably, with less attorney’s fees charged to you.

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